Friday, 24 February 2012

How do some people manage to 'blog' several times a day, as well as doing whatever they are  blogging about? It's nearly 3 months since I put anything on here. I suppose I could blame the Lyme disease but that won't put me off mushroom hunting!

I've had spectacular success at finding kilos of cepes this year but a spectacular failure at selling my "Peter Pan" ebook, published in December on Amazon and in my Etsy shop.

"Hook raised his hat to her offering her his arm"' This is the most popular print in my Vintage Print Shop. I've sold the original book pages of this print, although I can make reprints as the image is out of copyright. Most people seem to like the original, vintage pages though.

This is a pity as some of the net income - supposing there were to be any -  would go to "Great Ormond St. Children's Hospital Charity".
I've just reduced the price to only £1.96 so may be that will make a difference.

A few more pictures from the book can be seen below:

This is the endpaper, illustrated by Gwynedd Hudson for another "Peter Pan" book which was illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell. I added this to the ebook, although it wasn't part of the original of that edition. I rather like this one.

The Birds Were Flown. This illustration comes from chapter 3 in which the children fly away with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

The Last Picture in the Book

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