Friday, 18 March 2011

Blue Felty Book Necklace Pendant

This is my latest version of the 'Book Necklace'. I've made a matching box to go with it. This is a real book and you can write in it so it's nice for a present for someone you love!


  1. I bought this as a treat for my 11 year old daughter, Kirsty, and gave it to her yesterday to mark the end of term and the move from a tiny wee primary school to an enormously huge secondary!

    It's absolutely gorgeous, and the personalisation on the box makes it an extra special gift.

    Kirsty loves handmade books and enjoys working out how they've been made. She recently made her first book - you can see it on my blog if you're interested.

    I'm hoping that now the summer holidays have started, she'll be spending her time making more books!

    Thanks for sending the beautiful book necklace so promptly :)


  2. Thanks for the comments, Kate. I must update this blog more often; I've only just read this!